Monday, April 7, 2014

Wall Decals at Dollar Tree and Amazon - easy and cheap way to decorate!

When we were renting I tried to make our home more comfortable and look like "us", but had some trouble since we were not allowed to paint and that was my go-to to quickly and easily change a room.  One of my favorite discoveries were wall decals -- super easy, non-permanent, and no damage so the walls were still in perfect shape.

Even though we own our house now and have more freedom in decorating, I still love them!  They're a really fun way to add personality to a space without a lot of hard work or commitment.  They're very easy to apply, and easy to remove - and there are so many options to choose from...classy, whimsical, funny, inspiring.  Some of them even look like they're hand painted on the wall.

I have butterflies in the girls' room, a beautiful quote on our living room wall that my mom gave us, and yesterday I found a great monkey/vine decal that will be perfect above Lucas's bed.
(When I brought the monkey decal home, Lucas spotted it in the DT bag and before I said a word, he grabbed it and with a beaming face he asked, "Is this for me???"  Then he proceeded to hug it and show it to his siblings, lol!  So, it was a big hit.)

I found the butterflies and monkey at the Dollar Tree - seriously, they were a dollar!!  The butterflies have held up well and added so much to our girly girls room.  And if they get tired of them...they can peel right off - no repainting necessary!

If you don't have a Dollar Tree nearby, or just aren't crazy about their selection, I've found some very inexpensive wall decals on Amazon too.  Here are a few examples....

Purple Flower Butterfly Decal - $3.60 shipped

Lotus flower decal - $5 shipped

Joshua 24:15 - $4.40 shipped

Have you used wall decals before?  What's your favorite easy way to personalize your home?

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