Sunday, May 17, 2009

Walgreens Wrap-Up - May 10-16 - 84% Savings!

This week I really tried to spend my accumulating Register Rewards and because of their limitations I had to buy some extra fillers to make it work. My total was higher than it has been lately, and at first I thought - wow, not so good. But then I realized that it was still an 84% savings - not too shabby. Randy and I were talking about how funny it was to think 84% is disappointing, lol. = )

So I bought....
6 packs of "W" diapers
3 Roots of Nature
3 boxes of Kashi cereal
2 tubes of Colgate toothpaste
1 Reach toothbrush
1 Viactiv (clearanced to $2.19, used $2 manQ)
1 pkg. t.p. (filler)
1 Reese's candy bar (filler)
2 packages M&M's (we love trail mix when we travel!)
3 erasers (fillers)

and these are the numbers.....
$108.58 Retail
$67.37 Sale Price
- $22.50 in coupons
- $28 in Register Rewards
= $16.87 ~ 84% Savings


Couponing in Central Florida! said...

I REALLY hope they have another B1G1 on the diapers at wags before the coups expire!!!

Mara said...

Me too! It's hard to beat that price! Although my husband said that it seemed like they cost too much after getting that great Huggies deal few weeks ago. =)
Thanks for stopping by!

~ Mara

Suz said...

lol... I've done that too! Beat myself up because I didn't save enough.

Look again though.. you got 6 pks of diapers & a bunch of other stuff for $16.xx. Don't be so hard on yourself!