Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rite-Aid Wrap-Up ~ 1-20-11 ~ Saved 102%!

I only got a couple things at Rite-Aid this week, but they were lovely finds.  I still have to go today though to use my expiring UP Rewards I didn't the other day, so maybe there will be some more.  =)  (I just haven't gotten the courage to get out in this snow again today - blech!)

Rite-Aid had a sweet deal to get free toilet paper and tissues this week, but unfortunately didn't put a limit on it, so there were many shelf-clearers who hogged them all.....and you know how I feel about shelf-clearers.  Anyway, they ended up setting out a limit of 3 once they realized the frenzy that had been caused by offering free T.P.   I couldn't go until later in the week, so I expected nothing to be left, but there was one lonely package of toilet paper left.  They did give me a rain check for the other two though, which surprised me!

Also I had read on a couple of blogs some clearance items that had been found, including Olay Quench Advanced Healing lotion marked down to $1.87 from $7.49 - using the $2/1 coupon (12/26 P&G) made it free plus overage!  Oh, and it wasn't actually marked to show the new price, but when I had my daughter take it to the cashier to price check it, it came up at $1.87.

Retail Price: $15.98
Sale Price: $4.64
- Coupons: $4
- UP Rewards: $1
Final Price = FREE + .36¢ PROFIT!!

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